From this Kantlu Methipak, Sukhdi,& ladoos  etc are made.


Women should consume this product post partum till 45 days.Consumption of HK Gopal Kantlu improves Lactation ,avoid Backache, Improves health & avoid weakness.It also provide energy, immunity & helps infant against worm manifestation.

From this Kantlu Methipak, Sukhdi,& ladoos  etc are made.

  • Ingredients : 1kg ghee , Desigrated coconut :500 gm, Thick udad flour: 400 gm, Shingora flour:200 gm , Asariyo:25 gm, Fenugreek flour:100 gm, Gunder:150 gm, Sugar:100 gm, Soft jaggery:500 gm, Honey:400 gm, Almonds,Pista,Cashew:150 gm each, Charoli:100 gm, Melon seeds:100 gm, Poppey seeds:10 gm, Cardimon:10gm, Dates:250gm& HK Gopal Kantlu :100gm

    Method :Deep fry gunder &crush it powder .Roast Udad Flour    &deep fry dates. Partially crush all dryfruits. Heat jiggery in ghee till it melts& addshingora flour,udad flour,fenugreek flour &add  dryfruits. Thereafter add honey add spread the mixture in flat surface &cut into square pieces when cold.

  •  Ingredients: 1kg ghee,900gm jaggery,Thick wheat flour:1kg, Gunger:250gm, Desigrated coconut:100gm, Cardimon:10 gm, Powdered sugar:100 gm, Mix dry fruits:250gm, Poppey seeds:25 gm, GOPAL KANTLU:250 gm


    METHOD: Deep fry  gunder, Roast wheat flour in ghee till gets brown. Add gunder, coconut ,Gopal kantlu in it. 

    In other pan add ghee & jaggery till it melts. Mix both mixtures &add dry fruits. After cooling sprinkle poppey seeds from top &cut into square pieces.

  • With above mentioned ingredients make sukhdi &add 100 gm fenugreek flour & shape it like ladoo.

    NOTE: In methi na ladoo add 100 gm HK Gopal Kantlu.