From this Kantlu Methipak, Sukhdi,& ladoos  etc are made.   Women should consume this

Kutchi Garam Masala

For Inhancing the traditional taste for daily Dal-sabji, just add HK Gopal Kutchi Garam Masala and see

Achar Masal

To prepare Khatta-Meetha Aam (Mango) Pickle this spice is used.  It can be consumed throughout the year with

Dabeli Masala

From one 250gm HK Gopal Dabeli Masala pack, one can make 35-40 Dabelis It’s a home made fast food which is

Pavbhaji Masala

One of the Favourite fast food of india is Pav Bhaji which is liked by all age group and to make it more yummy at

Adadiya Masala

Adadiya is a winter sweet dish which is very healthy and tasty and liked by all Gujarat. This spice is used in

Tea Masala

For good taste & fragrance add 1 tsp HK Gopal Chai Masala in boiling 4 cups tea and, feel the refreshment